Monopoly is a classic game that has been around since the dawn of time.  Or if you ask Wikipedia, 1903.  Monopoly is a game that I'm pretty sure everyone remembers growing up with.  Since then, there has been many versions, from Star Wars Monopoly to The Grinch Monopoly (Or as they call it "Whovilleopoly").  The classic Monopoly however has the original game pieces, the scottie dog, the battleship, the thimble, the racecar, the shoe, the hat, the iron, and of course the wheelbarrow.   But now one of those classic game pieces is in jeopardy! Here's how you can help!


Monopoly is going to be locking one of these original game pieces in jail and throwing away the key! The fate of which game piece we say goodbye to depends on you! Using Facebook and Twitter, Hasbro has launched a contest for fans of the classic game to help "save" their favorite token, and vote on which new token they want.

Fans can choose between, a robot, a guitar, a diamond ring, and a cat for the new token to replace the old one. As of right now the Scottie Dog is in the lead with 61,000 votes and the wheelbarrow is in trouble with having only 24,000 votes!

You can cast your vote on Twitter and on Facebook.  Here's the link to the Monopoly Facebook app where you can go vote.  And if you want to vote on Twitter, use #tokenvote to cast your vote.

Which token do you want to see win?!  Not gonna lie I cast my vote for the Scottie Dog, he was always my favorite.


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