Car seats are meant to keep kids safe while cruising down the road with mom and dad, but this little gem I found on a recent trip to Wal-Mart, may induce nightmares.

On Wednesday night's my wife goes to USI for a night class toward her Master's Degree. That puts me in charge of getting our two kids to their bible school class in Boonville on the same night, and finding something to do for an hour until they need to be picked up. Since they're not much to do in Boonville, that usually means a trip to Wal-Mart to stroll the aisles or pick up any odds or ends we need around the house. It's a trip I've affectionately started to call, "Wednesdays at Wal-Mart". "What's that? We're almost out of dish soap? Put it on the "Wednesday's at Wal-Mart" list."

It was during one of these trips that I stumbled upon this gem of a car seat.

Dora the Explorer Car Seat
(106-1 KISS-FM / Ryan O'Bryan)

YIKES! Your eyes want to look away, but I encourage you to fight the urge, and look at it. LOOK AT IT, I SAY! Look into it's crazy eyes, look at its disproportionate body, its freakishly long arms reaching out, anxious to grab any child that walks by. I'm afraid to ask what Dora wants to explore when a kids sits in this thing.

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