A popular rumor circulating suggests the creepy clowns may be aiming to emulate the Purge films!

The Purge 2 Trailer HD

I'm seeing a lot of my friends sharing a post about the creepy clown phenomenon having the end game of a Purge night. This concept was popularized by the 2013 film The Purge, as well as its two sequels. Basically, on a Purge night, all crime is legal for 12 hours including violence, theft, and other nefarious activities.

clown purge

As you can see above, there are also rumors of police issuing warnings and stuff like that. The rumors started in a Facebook group called "Clown Hunting."

According to Snopes.com, this a huge hoax, orchestrated to play off of the fears already associated with creepy clowns. There have been other Purge hoax's as well, including a heavily circulated one that was to occur in Louisville.

While you should always prepare for safety on Halloween, you shouldn't have to worry about a Clown Purge. If anything changes, I'm sure our local authorities will let the public know. Until you hear something official from the local police, proceed as normal!

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