It's time for Mother's Day and I'm back with another holiday blog. You may have noticed I'm not wearing my usual novelty T-shirt. Well sometimes our mother's want us to dress up.

Below is the writing in case you wanted to make sure what you just heard.

Mother’s Day is upon us again.
A special day for all mothers and friends.
Let me give props to the moms who care, the ones that are there.
They feed you, cloth you and comb your hair.
She’s not afraid to swat your butt or tell you no.
But she’ll always be there as you come and go.
When you’re little she’ll protect you and calm your fears.
Her kisses heal boo boos and her touch dries tears.
As a teenager you’ll disagree with her, you won’t understand.
When you’re an adult you realize she was right and she’s your best friend.
Now unfortunately this isn’t all moms, but for the ones who try.
The ones who feel your pain and cry when you cry.
I have to thank my momma for giving me life
She showed me how to treat women and love my wife.
I know I’m bias, but I think my momma’s the best.
But let me take a moment to shout out the rest.
My wife’s a good mom and her sister Sara too.
They learned from their mom Vickie, this story is true.
Cheri has four kids, Melissa E. has two
Courtney going to be a good momma, but she’s brand new.
My two older sisters are good moms, and so is Jaymie.
Not to mention Melanie, Rhonda, Michelle and Amy.
Kat Mykals is a Swagtastic mom, Leslie Morgan too
And Ashley the webmaster, she posts my blogs for you.
So many moms, too many to name.
If I didn’t mention yours, I love you just the same.
I want to thank you all and hope your loved ones say.
Thanks for being who you are, and Happy Mother’s Day!

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