Think your mom is a Super-Mom? Give her a shout out on the radio for Mother's Day with KISS-FM's "Momications!" Here are some tips to make it sound good!

Proud Mom as Super Mother on Green Screen
Chris Boswell

If you're looking for a cool way to show mom you love her this Mother's Day, why not make a "Momication?" It's a dedication for your mom! Here's how it works. You call us at 1-812-624-1061 and leave us a message for your mom. We'll take those messages and play them back on the air all week long leading up to Mother's Day, May 8th.

Here are a few tips to leave a good message

  • Don't use speaker phone during your call
  • Try to speak clearly without being too fast or too slow. We want to be able to hear what you're saying to your mom.
  • Say your name & which city you're calling from: "Hi, this Jamie from Evansville..."
  • Mention your mom's name too: "I want to wish my mom, Susan a happy Mother's Day."
  • Add a funny anecdote: "Thanks for always making my PB&J sandwiches without the crust."
  • Or just tell her you love her: "I love you, Mom."

It's pretty simple! Then just listen all week long leading up to Mother's Day to hear your "Momication." Don't forget to have Mom listen too!

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