Last night American Idol took their auditions to Chicago, the last contestant of the night brought a tear to I'm pretty sure everyone's eyes.  Meet 21-year-old Lazaro Arbos.  He's originally from Cuba, and has a severe stuttering problem, and on top of that he has a pretty thick accent.  None of these things are his fault, but it's really hard to watch him struggling through his first few words, you can't help but feel so bad for him. But just wait and hear him sing, it will absolutely blow your mind.


Lazaro walked up in his pink bow-tie (which he totally rocked by the way! More people should wear bow-ties in my opinion) and began to tell the judges about how he is from Cuba, and moved the Florida when he was 10.  He has had a very severe stuttering problem since he was 6 years old, and he talks about the ups and downs that come with having a stutter.  But that isn't stopping him from following his dreams.  When he begins to sing 'Like a Bridge Over Troubled Water' it is insane how amazing his voice is.  He's definitely an early favorite in the Idol competition. He has my vote!!

I really do like Idol, but I have to be honest when it comes to people sharing sad stories on Idol it kind of gets old to me.  Like not to be insensitive, I feel for a lot of these people, but at the same time I think Idol tends to overplay the sad stories. I mean hey one or two a show is fine with me but sometimes I feel it's a little over the top when they're showing the auditions.  Does anyone else feel this way or am I just insensitive?  However now that I've said all that I do have to say this audition really got me, it actually did bring tears to my eyes.

I loved in the interview when he said:

"You can't let things get you down, cause you have to keep going."

Watch the audition for yourself, what do you think?  I found this incredible.