The Colts have busy lately signing new free agent players to add to the roster, and keeping a few of their own free agents around for at least a couple of years. But there's another team within the organization looking to add a fresh crop of new talent as well, the cheer leading squad.

If the chance to perform in front of 60,000-plus people over the course of at least eight Sunday's between September and December (not including any preseason or possible home post-season games) appeals to you, then hit up the Colts official website and register to be a part of their preliminary round of auditions being held in Indianapolis at noon Eastern on March 23rd.

If you have what it takes, you'll move on to the candidate workshops March 24th - 27th, and March 31st - April 1st. The finals for auditions will take place April 3rd Hilbert Circle Theatre in Indy.

Oh, the ability to work with a big, blue horse couldn't hurt either.