Did you watch some of the ads during the Super Bowl game?  If you missed some, like I did, you can check out the results of the 2020 Super Bowl Ads right here!  

Your favorites may not match the Ad Meter, but, you can still check out their Top 10 most favorite Super Bowl advertisements in chronological order:

  1. Jeep’s Groundhog Day with Bill Murray
  2. Hyundai - Smaht Pahk
  3. Google - Loretta
  4. Doritos - The Cool Ranch
  5. Rocket Mortgage - Comfortable
  6. NFL - Next 100
  7. Amazon - Before Alexa
  8. KIA - Tough Never Quits
  9. Microsoft - Be The One
  10. Cheetos - Can’t Touch This











What were some of your favorites?  My favs weren't exactly in this order, but, I loved all these Top 10.  Bill Murray in the Jeep ad is pretty high on my own personal Ad Meter. Loved the Cheetos, Doritos, Ellen DeGeneres, Google - Loretta, and one that didn't make the Top 10 was Jimmy Fallon in the Michelob Ultra ad which came in #11.

You can check out all the ads that ran during the game by clicking HERE.

Source:  USA Today

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