Don’t you worry about that pesky nuclear apocalypse threatening denizens of The 100, at least a few un-melted faces will make it after all. The CW confirms that Clarke and other survivors will continue their no-good, very-bad cohabitation of Earth in Season 5, following an official renewal.

Five episodes in to The 100’s fourth season, The CW confirmed any lingering survivors will return for a fifth season next year. The 100 is now among the last-renewed series from the network’s lineup, leaving iZombie one of the few remaining stragglers.

Thus far, The 100 Season 4 has seen the ascension of Black Sails star Zach McGowan’s Roan to series regular, also returning Adina Porter’s Indra and Nadia Hilker’s Luna. Chai Romruen continues his role as jaded Grounder Ilian, while the recent loss of Arkadia will likely introduce us to more of the Glowing Forest Clan, Ice Nation and Shallow Valley Clans.

The 100 Season 4 will continue with “We Will Rise” next Wednesday, so check out the trailer below as we build to Season 5.

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