This morning on Good Morning America (ABC) Elisabeth Hasselbeck reported that a small percentage of teens are being allowed to have sex in the home. This is creating quite a buzz. Before you watch the video, I will tell you that both sides of the argument are presented and I can understand both points of view. One parent, Chloe Foreht, says in the video:

"Allowing teens to have sex at home ensures they have somewhere to run if
anything goes wrong. She allowed her 17-year-old daughter to engage in a sexual
relationship with her longtime boyfriend in the family home.
"I was okay with her having sex in my home because of the relationship she
was in, because of the teenager that she is … her boyfriend would sleep over
probably once a week. And I was comfortable with that," Foreht said."


I like to think that as a mom of a pre-teen that I will be proactive with my daughter... teaching her about protecting her body, providing her with the necessary information to make well informed decisions, assisting with doctors visits and birth control when the time comes.  I trust my daughter. I trust that I have given and will continue to give her the tools that she needs to make safe, intelligent decisions, and I trust my relationship with her will allow her to come to me when she needs to. However, I have to say that openly allowing sex in the home is not something that I think that I would allow. It seems dangerous to me.

Watch the video from Good Morning America and make your own decision. Also please feel free to comment on the subject of teenage sex at home....