Is it really almost Memorial Day? You know what that means, right? *gulp* SWIMSUIT SEASON... Ok ladies, now that you've caught your breath and cleared your head of the horrors of hitting the gym... Why not think about STYLE and CUT instead of SWEAT and CRUNCHES?!

Now, don't get me wrong, staying healthy is important. BUT personally, I avoid the gym like the plague. This isn't because I'd rather do pilates in my living room. It's not because I'm too girly to sweat in the weight room... TRUTH is, I don't go to the gym for the same reason that I DON'T RUN... I FALL DOWN!!! (On a side note, I really wish I were kidding about that! I can honestly tell you that I once got in an altercation with a treadmill, and the treadmill came out on top. Well, actually on bottom because I went face-down on it!!)

Ok, now that I have completely HUMILIATED myself in a public forum, let me tell you WHY we're here... Dressing SMART! This doesn't just apply to a job interview, a first date, or a girls day at the mall. This applies where it REALLY counts! At the pool! There is a swimsuit style for EVERY body type. Top heavy? There's a swimsuit for that! Full hips and thighs? There's a swimsuit for that! More of an athletic build? Guess what! There's a swimsuit for that! has compiled a list of swimsuits suitable for every figure! That's right ladies! You heard correctly! You CAN wear a swimsuit AND look smart doing it!

As Memorial Day approaches, the weather gets warmer, and the pools prepare for opening day, grab your sunglasses and your flip-flops, and get shopping the smart way!


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