Leslie Shares Hilarious ‘Q in Quarantine’ Pics Of Husband
I figured if watching him everyday made me feel better, it might make you feel better too. Some friends swooned over the the series of episodes, others got a good chuckle out of them, but everyone enjoyed them. Well, except HIM. Now, you can binge watch the entire Season 1 of Q In Quarantine, right…
A Little Front Porch Sittin'
The COVID-19 Quarantine period has caused all of us to shift I mindset and change the way we might do normal family activities. Several families decided instead of the traditional family photos they would do Front Porch pics. Some are even themed.
Life Lessons Learned in Quarantine
Angel here and the COVID-19 quarantine period has allowed me time to reflect on life. I am not sure I bargained for the lessons learned, discoveries made, or new appreciations I have acquired.