Jared Leto Is Not Pleased With WB’s Desire to Start Seeing Other Jokers
Jared Leto is like that one dude you date who’s kind of a hot mess. He’s really fun and spontaneous, and sure, okay, he really opens you up to new experiences but his sense of humor is weird as hell and he makes some questionable fashion choices. Let’s say the “you” in this scenario is Warner Bros., and you’ve grown a little weary of Leto’s dubious sense of mischief, and also a little tired of all your friends clowning on him on Twitter — so you float an idea that should appeal to his “free spirit”: An open relationship. He’s free to keep making his Joker movies, and you’re free to see other Jokers.
Suicide Squad Review
Shawn & I went to see Suicide Squad last night. The movie has been getting a lot of negative reviews and I thought I'd add my two cents to the mix.