An Evansville favorite is kicking off a tour this week!

Rachael Goldman
Rachael Goldman

The Sweet Babies Comedy Tour 2017, featuring headliner David Britton and Evansville-native Rachael Godman, kicks off this Thursday at Bokeh Lounge.

The Bokeh Lounge Comedy Night has continued to grow over the past 3 years and is truly the place to be for stand-up in Evansville. It's very cool that this tour is kicking off right here in Evansville.

Your headliner is David Britton from Bloomington, who needs to be seen. His material and delivery is incredibly original. He's just as infectious off-stage as he is on, and is one of the nicest comics working. He's a two-time winner of The Comedy Attic's "Funniest Person in Bloomington" contest.

Rachael Goldman really needs no introduction at this point. She got her start at Bokeh Lounge and has continued to grow as a performer. She's opened for comedy greats like Bill Burr and Gilbert Gottfried. Her act is always evolving and watching her grow has been a treat.

Tickets for the show are only $5 and the show kicks off at 8:30 at Bokeh Lounge, with Gavin Eddings hosting. Oh wait, that's me! I should probably go write jokes or something.

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