Recently actor Tom Felton who played the role of Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter franchise posted a reunion photo with his fellow ex-costars Emma Watson and Matthew Lewis to his Instagram page! The news of the former castmates and friends hanging out has hit the internet hard, bringing back all the feels for Harry Potter fans everywhere causing many of us to reflect upon how Harry Potter has influenced us as adults.

School mates #hogwartsalumni

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While it's unclear why the trio reunited, it's still good to see old friends keeping in touch which got me thinking about the lifespan of Harry Potter and the role that the epic tale has played in my life and career and the lives of countless other millennials across the world!

In a time where books are generally kind of boring to kids, Harry Potter was becoming popular among my friends. Still, I ignored it for a few years because as a kid I thought I had better things to do than sit around and read. It wasn't until I was in eighth grade that I finally jumped on the Harry Potter bandwagon, and boy was I glad that I did. Before reading the Harry Potter series, I wasn't much of a reader. Reading wasn't important compared to television, music, and playing with friends. Reading was boring.

After I read the first book, I read all of the further installments that I could get my hands on and from that point on, anytime a new book was released, I was the first in line to get it on the day of release. Harry Potter ultimately altered the way I felt about reading and storytelling forever.

Fast-forward to right after high-school when I started writing for fun and journaling therapeutically - had I not had the chance to develop a true love of reading, I would never have been able to excel at writing. Writing for fun became writing for pay, which turned into a freelancing career which has now opened the door to radio and other writing projects! Without the Harry Potter series, who knows if I ever could have been as happy and successful as I am at this moment. However, one thing is for certain - Harry Potter changed the lives of so many of us who were looking for the magic in a mundane world and inspired thousands of us to open our minds and see what our imaginations could do, helping us to unlock the secret that magic had been inside of us all along.

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