If you've ever eaten a bowl of Corn Flakes, Cheerios, or KIX, adding sugar is a MUST! But the question is - Do you add the sugar BEFORE or AFTER you add the milk? As we were sitting down to enjoy a delicious bowl of cereal (with real, fresh blueberries just like on the box) I noticed that my wife started adding the sugar BEFORE she added the milk! I used to be a "before" guy, but I noticed that all the sugar would just coalesce at the bottom of the bowl, with hardly any of it staying on the cereal after I poured the milk.

It nothing worse that getting a big lump of sugar on your spoon while eating cereal! It's like a big scoop of diabetes! I noticed that the sugar gets more evenly distributed if you wait until you pour the milk first! What's more, the milk tastes great once all the cereal is gone!

When do YOU add the sugar to your cereal? Cast your vote and we'll read the results during tomorrow's show!

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