Each and every weekday at 5pm, I give you the chance to control our playlist with the My 5 at 5. To make it as easy and convenient as possible, you have several options to make that request. You can call the request line at 1-888-454-KISS (5477), text it in at 812-624-1061, put it on our Facebook wall, or tweet it with the hashtag, #my5at5 (be sure to give us a follow on Twitter while you're at it). And now, you can send me your requests right here anytime day or night.

All you need to do is fill out the form below. You don't have to give me all five songs, but I will say, the more options you give me, the better your chances will be of having one or more of them played during the next My 5 at 5. Also, be sure to leave your name and city so I can give credit where credit is due.

I realize that you many not know the exact song title, or the artist who sings it, but if you can at least get me in the ballpark, I should be able to figure it out.