Does a new theory on TikTok explain who will die in the final season of Stranger Things?

User @Smythology's viral theory points to Season 2 finale, "Chapter 9: The Gate," as holding possible clues about the fates of main characters Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair and Will Byers.

According to @Smythology, Stranger Things costume designer Kim Wilcox previously claimed that the outfits the four boys wear during the school dance scene, a.k.a. the Snow Ball, offer hints at their future careers.

For instance, Will wears a vest and tie, similar to his idol and favorite teacher Mr. Clark, hinting that Will might become a teacher or professor as an adult.

Mike wears a sweater under a blazer, similar to doctor Sam Owens, hinting that Mike might become a doctor or scientist in the future, possibly to try to rescue Eleven from the Upside Down.

Lucas, meanwhile, wears a striped button-down shirt and blazer sans tie, a possible nod to the relaxed '80s style of Stephen King, whose book Lucas reads to Max in the hospital at the end of Season 4. The theory is that Lucas might become a horror author in the future, much like King, and read his stories aloud to Max.

However, according to @Smythology, the outfit worn by the remaining boy, Dustin, doesn't appear to hint at a future career, but rather simply at a state of being: a teenage high school student.

The TikTok theory compares Dustin's quirky outfit to the clothing worn by Duckie Dale in the 1986 teen rom-com Pretty in Pink, and even points out similarities between the two characters and their respective romantic lives. Much like Duckie doesn't end up with his redheaded crush, Andie, in Pretty in Pink, Dustin doesn't end up with his crush, Max, who ultimately dances with Lucas.

User @Smythology draws the conclusion that Dustin is dressed like a high school student because that is as far as he will live. While the other kids will grow up and have adult careers — as represented by their outfits — Dustin might not make it that far.

Explore the full theory, below:

The theory will likely remain unconfirmed until Stranger Things Season 5 airs sometime in 2024.

However, with Season 4 breaking serious streaming records on Netflix — the season was viewed for 7.2 billion minutes in one week, the highest one-week total ever — it goes without saying many fans will be tuning in to see how the story concludes.

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