Attention fans of Stranger Things here's your chance to own one of the main places in the show, and it's not in the Upside-Down.

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The Bryer's House where Joyce, Jonathan, and Will live is for sale for $300,000. The 3-bedroom 2-bathroom home sits on1,846 sqft and is the major location for season one of the show.

Own The Bryer's House From Stranger Things

This home was featured throughout the first few seasons of the show and remains a big part of the show. The house sits on 6 acres and is located in Fayetteville, GA, and would be a great Airbnb to have. Just think of a Stranger Things Airbnb that would have endless decorations.

You will need to put additional money into this house it does need a full renovation but with the right buyer, this house could be amazing. The house is selling "as-is" and they are asking for serious buyers only not those who just want to come and see the house. There is a long driveway with a private barricade to stop the many fans of the show from coming onto the property. So if someone turns this into an Airbnb visitors will want to take a sneak peek.

The home was featured in Season 1 episode 1 at 6:16, 7:16, 11:08, 31:54, and 32:21. As well as Season 1 Episode 4 at 4:57 and 8:53. Also some in seasons 2 and 3. p.s. Do not feed the Demagorgon!!


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