The Stockyard Inn invites you to stop by for food and live music on Saturday in an effort to help raise money to cover the cost of medical expenses for Evansville Firefighter, Beth Csukas.

Support for Csukas as been strong since a car accident outside Bloomington on I-69 put her in an Indianapolis ICU for several weeks to recover from injuries sustained from the crash. She has since been moved to a rehabilitation center where she is learning to walk again. The Facebook group, Support for Csukas has been providing regular updates on her progress.

Saturday's fundraiser at The Stockyard Inn begins at noon offering five different plate lunches for purchase, along with an auction, and live music from owner, TJ Tanoos' band, Tastes Like Chicken at 9 p.m. All proceeds will be donated to Beth to cover the costs of her hospital and rehab bills.


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