If you're headed down to the St. Louis Zoo, you will want to stop by and meet the newest member, Rhubarb, a Francois’ langur baby.

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Who doesn't love baby animals? Well, the St. Louis Zoo just introduced one of the cutest babies yet. Rhubarb was born on September 30 to mom Dolly and dad Deshi and is the first Francois’ langur born at the St. Louis Zoo.

Mom Dolly is 16 years old, and Rhubarb is her first baby. Dolly and Rhubarb have a strong bond, and Dolly is dedicated to caring for her daughter. The langur family are bonding in a private area of the habitat and may not be on view.

This little guy is absolutely adorable and just a ball of energy. I wish I had some of his energy.

His birth is an important one because the Francois’ langur species are becoming endangered, and his birth is part of a Francois’ langur Speciceis Survival plan to help populate his kind again. Right now visitors can not visit the little guy as he is still bounding with his mom, but hopefully, soon we can all get a little peek of the guy in person. For now, we get these fun videos of little Francois’ langur to watch and learn more about his species and how important his birth really is.

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