Outside of Christmas and the start of football season, this Sunday is one of my favorite times of year — the start of daylight savings!

Falling back an hour in November always bums me out because the sun is usually down for the day when I leave work sometime between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m., and over the past few years the weather in early November is still decent enough in the evenings where it would be nice to do something outside if there was still daylight.

Thankfully, the amount of time between switching the clocks back was shortened by four weeks back in '07, so we only have to live with less daylight for about four months. Now we get more daylight to spend outdoors in whatever way we want!

I think the other reason I enjoy the extra daylight is because it signifies that Spring isn't far away. I don't despise Winter like many people, but if given the choice, I'd take 70 to 75 degree days year-round.

Thankfully, technology takes care of many of our clocks for us, so you may not have to do anything before you go to bed Saturday night. But, if you still use an alarm clock like I do, or your microwave or oven has a clock on it, don't forget to kick it up an hour before calling it a night.

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