The viral video of the moment is a campaign by the activist group, Invisible Children. The nearly 30 minute film by documentary filmmaker, Jason Russell looks to raise awareness of Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony who has led a rebel army in the country since the '80's and committed countless, atrocious crimes against humanity involving children and women.

The video shows early footage from Russell's trip to the region in 2003, when he first meets Jacob, a young boy who tells what it's like to live every day in fear of being kidnapped or killed by the rebel army. At one point early in the video, Jacob talks about his brother who was killed by the rebels and how he himself would rather be dead than continue living in the world he's surrounded by.

The film also discusses Russell's attempt at getting the U.S. government involved only to be told that no action would be taken because Kony is not a threat to our national security or financial interests. It was that response that led Russell to take the story of Jacob and more importantly Joseph Kony to the streets including "the information super-highway" with the hope that if enough people get behind the movement, it will be impossible for the U.S. and international governments to ignore. It appears the method is working. When I first saw this video yesterday afternoon, it was just over seven million views. As of this writing, it's sitting at over 32.6 million.

I'll admit, it is a powerful video and some parts are difficult to watch, but I won't be changing my profile picture on Facebook to "Kony 2012" anytime soon. My way of helping is to pass the video on to you.

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