Twenty years ago, a 20 year-old kid raised in Detroit, Michigan made his way into the Bass Brothers' studio to record his debut album, Infinite. Today, the man you readily know as Eminem sits with six Grammy awards including Best Rap Album won in 1999 when the music academy chose to finally recognize rap and hip-hop. He's win caused controversy, but his name made noise. Eminem is accomplished, game-changing and not afraid to take chances, all characteristics portrayed in he and Partners In Rhyme's new mini-documentary, Partners In Rhyme: The True Story Of Infinite.

This 10-minute documentary trails the life of Em as he fights to make it as a battle rapper and work his way to success, which ultimately lands him his first album. Working with Mark and Jeff Bass, who helped develop the Michigan MC's sound, fans are taken through a period of time in Eminem's life with fresh eyes and an inside look into the mind 8 Mile rapper.

"As soon as I stopped giving a f--k about what I was saying, people started giving a f--k. It was like a reverse effect. Like, 'F--k you, I don't care if you like me or not.' Well, 'We like you now'," Em says into the camera as he tries to define one of his career-changing moments.

Take a look at the trailer above, and watch the full documentary here.

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