When I was in elementary school at Thruston, I absolutely lived for the book fairs we had.  They were THE BEST!  Combing through the books and picking the perfect one (or two) was so much fun.  And I distinctly remember the way they smelled.  Yes, that may sound slightly strange, but if you ever went to a book fair you know exactly what I am talking about.  Did you sniff your books like I did?  Come on!  You remember that, don't you?  The new books smelled like they had just come off the printing press.  And every time you turned a page, that new book smell would hit you right in the nostrils.  LOVED. IT.  Honestly, sniffing the new books was nearly as fun as reading them.

Well, here's some fun news.  Owensboro Parks and Recreation just announced that they're hosting a Scholastic Book Fair at Smothers Park downtown.  They made the announcement yesterday on social media.

Take a look!

The Scholastic Book Fair will begin Monday, June 14th and run through Friday, the 18th.  It will be open from 10am to Noon each day.

The FB post also mentions that proceeds will help Oboro Parks & Rec buy a new stock of books for the Library Book House at the Park.  That "lil library" is one of several around town that provides books for kids and adults who are looking to read and need access to free books.

Here's a look at a collection of such libraries around town, including the one at Smothers Park.

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Owensboro's Little Libraries & Blessing Boxes

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