Based on the public reaction to upcoming projects announced by Marvel and DC Comics during last week's annual Comic Con in San Diego, films and television shows based on comic book superheroes are the hottest thing going right now. They allow boys and girls (along with full-grown men and women) the ability to wonder what life would be like if given the chance to wield great power. As filmmaker, AndrewMFilms imagines it, not every day is about saving the world.

It's an interesting thought. Whether you're reading a comic book, or watching a movie, the story takes place over the course of a few days, maybe even a couple of weeks, and once the bad guy gets vanquished, the hero presumably has some down time before the next global threat presents itself. They have to have something to do, right?

If you're even remotely familiar with comic book superheroes, you know most of them have alter egos to help them blend into normal society, and help keep their secret identities just that, a secret. Many of them also work day jobs because unless they were born into money like Tony Stark (Iron Man) or Bruce Wayne (Batman), I assume they still have to have money to pay the rent and put food on the table.

Clark Kent, a.k.a. Superman, is a reporter, Daredevil is a lawyer by trade, Spiderman is a photographer for his hometown newspaper, Bruce Banner, a.k.a. The Incredible Hulk, is a scientist. I could go on, but you get the idea.

The point being, when they're not putting their life on the line for all of humanity to prevent some alien race from completely obliterating the planet, some of them go to work like the rest of us, and deal with the same mundane routine of working for "The Man".

Imagine trying to do your job with a super power. On the surface it sounds great. Having super speed could give you the ability to finish a full day's work in a matter of minutes; or if your job involves a sizable chunk of manual labor, super strength would allow you the ability to move heavy objects without breaking a sweat. But what if that ability was more of hindrance to your normal life? Complicating even the simplest tasks of eating a bowl of cereal, or typing on the computer. After a while, it's bound to take a toll on you mentally, right? That's the point AndrewMFilms is looking to make.

The video below illustrates that point by depicting a not-so-average Joe attempting to go about his day, only to have his super strength seemingly make things more difficult for him than one would assume. Opening and closing a door and shaking hands with a co-worker are just a few of the daily instances the rest of us take for granted that are greatly complicated by a power you would think should make life easier.

Even with this unique perspective, if given the opportunity to posses a super power of some sort, you can bet everything I'm going to take it. Unforeseen side effects be damned.