I know it seems like we've been getting rained on for the past two weeks (which is probably because we have been), but it's about to get a bit more serious tonight and tomorrow (April 2nd - April 3rd, 2018).

This morning on The Rob's Radio Show With Maddie West, we had a chance to discuss the weather with Ron Rhodes this morning, who is a meteorologist for WEHT/Eyewitness News and the face of Evansville weather.  Here is what he had to say about the weather tonight:


"We have a warm front moving in, warming through the 50s.  We're going to see some thunderstorms.  We could see some hail tonight."


Ron admitted that it doesn't stop there, though:


"I'm not really worried about the storms tonight so much, it's going to be TOMORROW that I'm more concerned.  That's going to be late afternoon/early evening.  Really between 4:00 and 8:00 for most of us.  All threats are in play.  Mainly damaging winds.  We COULD see TORNADOES and we could have some LARGE HAIL, too.  We'll be in 70s tomorrow...  Then it's going to be chilly for the rest of the week."


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