Justin Bieber, look out. An army man is encroaching on your territory. Colin Gray, a 20-year-old East Texan enlisted in the Army and serving in Afghanistan, has asked Selena Gomez to accompany him as his date to the Army Ball.

In the video, Gray is working out, doing chin ups, showing off his enviable physique in perhaps a calculated, survival-of-the-fittest-moved to show Selena how in shape he is!

When asked about his Army Ball plans, he said, "I would love to take Selena Gomez. She's from Texas." Well, that's a start. They have something major in common.

The handsome and stacked Gray removed his shades like a gent, introduced himself and politely asked her out.

The ball is in her court, even though she seems reunited with The Biebs, who has nice abs, but he is not built like Gray!

Perhaps Biebs, who is Canadian, can do his part for America and let Sel accept this date?