With November's arrival, we're fast approaching the holiday shopping season, and with that time of year comes seasonal-employment opportunities. Whether you’re between jobs or in the midst of a lengthy job search, or if you’re in school and need to earn some cash during the break, seasonal work can be extremely beneficial. And for some some people, it can mean future full-time employment.

Major retailers and national franchises are planning to hire hundreds of thousands of employees during the next two months or so. These aren’t just retail jobs. If you’re looking at getting a seasonal position, you should also consider delivery companies, hospitality and restaurants when starting your search.

Here are the eight companies who will likely hire the most seasonal workers in 2013:

Macy's logo


Retailer and Thanksgiving-parade giant Macy’s will hire 83,000 seasonal workers for their stores, call centers and distribution network this year. The good news for the jobs outlook is that this is 3,000 more seasonal employees than they hired in 2012.

Target logo


Target comes in just behind Macy’s, with a plan to add 70,000 seasonal workers this year. Unfortunately, this is actually 18,000 fewer workers than they added last year, but that could be because they already have a large workforce in place. If history repeats itself, a seasonal job at Target for the 2013 holiday shopping season could turn into a permanent position for at least a third of those hired.



E-commerce colossus Amazon will match the brick-and-mortar Target stores by also adding 70,000 seasonal workers this year. The largest of all the Web-retail companies has seen a 40 percent increase in customer demand and is adding to its workforce to meet it. Amazon has also reported that last year it converted thousands of seasonal employees to full-timers.



The huge discount retailer will add 55,000 jobs for the holiday shopping season. Wal-Mart's hiring will increase about 10 percent from last year. They are also planning to move part-time positions to full-time and add more managers by promoting current employees.

UPS logo


Seasonal hiring surges aren’t just for retail companies. UPS will match Wal-Mart’s hiring by adding about 55,000 seasonal employees in 2013. With six fewer shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, the delivery service expects a bigger demand and needs to be ready to fill it.



Back on the retail front, shopping will be a lot easier when Kohl’s adds its projected 53,070 seasonal workers this year. While they aren’t making a big leap in hiring, this is up just slightly from the number they hired in 2012. They’re using seasonal employees to help get the stores remodeled for holiday shopping, so jobs are being filled right now.

Toys R Us logo

Toys R Us

Toy giant Toys R Us is joining in the seasonal hiring commotion by adding a hefty 45,000 jobs to their current workforce. This is the same number of seasonal workers they added in 2012, but the good news is that about 15 percent of those employees were kept in permanent or full-time positions.

JCPenney logo


Well-known clothing retailer JCPenney has been working through some image changes in the last few years, but their outlook is good and they are planning to add at least 35,000 seasonal employees for the 2013 holiday season. This is the same number of workers they added last year, leaving Target as the only retailer on this list who will be hiring fewer.

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