The Husbands of Target
Dad's of the world UNITE. Have you been a victim of the hour after hour parking lot sitting while your wife "makes a quick trip" into Target? A group of dads has the solution to all your helpless cries. The Husbands of Target Parking Lot Group. #HILARIOUSVIDEO
These 8 Companies Will Hire the Most Seasonal Workers in 2013
With November's arrival, we're fast approaching the holiday shopping season, and with that time of year comes seasonal-employment opportunities. Whether you’re between jobs or in the midst of a lengthy job search, or if you’re in school and need to earn some cash during the break, seasonal work can …
Whitney Houston Greeting Card – Poor Taste? [POLL]
The card reads "The next time you think of dating the bad boy, consider Whitney Houston...that's all I'm going to say." WTF!?!? What section was this card under, The Insensitive Bitter Friend section? Target had this card on their shelves for the past 2 weeks and finally caved in…