Angel here!  Santa and Mrs. Claus came to town yesterday.  Santa is often busy all throughout the year since the Coronavirus came to town Santa has shut his workshop down and allowed his elves to be #healthyathome.

This has freed up some time for Santa to visit kiddos in Owensboro.  Of course, he practiced social distancing guidelines as he paraded through town yesterday in a bright red convertible Volkswagon Beetle.

Santa actually showed up at the perfect time while I was live on Facebook for #happyathome for Puzzle Pieces.  He got to wave to all the clients at Puzzle Pieces and everyone watching.

Tucker and Charlotte loved seeing him and then he went to visit our neighbors too.  Our doodle Layla was not so much a fan of Santa and tried to eat him and you can watch it happen at about 6:01 in the video-->

Angel Welsh :)
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