Back in April, I told you about what I believe is one of the best ideas for a children's book that's not a children's book in the history of literature.

To give you a quick recap, Go the F**k to Sleep is a hilarious story written by Adam Mansbach that every parent can relate to, wishing that your child would just go the _____ to sleep when it's time to go the ______ to sleep. What makes it clever and creative is that it's written and illustrated as a children's book. (NOTE: Do NOT read this to your children! Unless they're over the age of 18.)

So how do you take an already great idea and make it greater? You have one of the baddest mo' fo's on the planet, Samuel L. Jackson, record the audio version.

As you'll hear in the video below, Jackson says he was "anxious" to record the audio because he remembers reading stories to his own daughter when she was young and that "it never worked...actually if I picked her up and made up a story, it worked a lot better."

The audio is available as a free download at, however you can hear it in its entirety with the video below. BE WARNED, the audio is uncensored so plug in some headphones and make sure your kids are f**king asleep before taking a listen. Enjoy!