It's been a little over a week since our friends at the Humane Society of Henderson County Kentucky rescued Sammy. You'll remember Sammy as the dog that someone had used as a "bait dog" in what authorities believe to be a local dog fighting ring. The story made the news, and outraged animal lovers all over the country.

I am very happy to tell you that since being rescued, Sammy's physical wounds are beginning to heal, and he is starting his road to recovery. According to my sources at the Humane Society...

Sammy has survived all the odds. By any measure he should be dead right now. Either from the environment he came from or being discarded and left to die. But in spite of it all he has survived and is thriving. And everyday he is getting more energetic and playful. He has his own toys and blankets. And loves these pepperoni treats for dogs. He could eat 20 if we let him.

Sammy & friends

That update ws sent to me on Friday. Since then, I have learned that Sammy has actually been adopted into a home where he will be an only pet, and he will receive all of the medical treatment that he needs to continue on his road to recovery, as well as lots of love and affection so he can learn that not all humans are "bad." At this time the name and location of the adopted family is not being released to protect both Sammy and his new humans.

Sammy is as we speak, being prepped for surgery on his left eye. They "think" they can save the eye, and hopefully keep the ability to see light and dark (shadows). They also said the right eye was damaged but they feel with medical treatment, can make a full recovery.
The person who has him, says he has been out on walks, and LOVES to go on walks, but gets tired very quickly.
This is GREAT news.. We're happy to see that he is striving to make a comeback, for all the dogs that have been put in his situation in the past..

As wonderful as the news of Sammy's new home is, reality is that the people responsible for abusing and abandoning him are still out there somewhere. The Humane Society of Henderson County have been receiving donations to help with not only the special care costs associated with Sammy, but donations that are going toward the reward being offered for the arrest of the person or persons responsible. According to my sources, the reward is "up to $10,000 and counting." If you would like to make a donation to help with either Sammy's veteranary costs or contribute to the reward, you may do so at the Humane Society of Henderson County.

 203 Drury Lane Henderson, Kentucky 42420

 Also if you have any information regarding Sammy's abuse or know of anyone that is participating in the horrendous act of dog fighting, please reach out to your local authorities. You don't have to give your name; it can be annonymous. No animal deserves to go through what Sammy has gone through. It's time that this stops.

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