My friends at the Humane Society of Henderson County Kentucky have reached out to me, asking that I help them in their search for the person or persons responsible for the abuse and abandonment of a dog that they rescued two nights ago. The dog was found dumped by the river, after having been used as what is sometimes called a "bait dog." He was badly hurt, emaciated, and near death when my friends in Henderson County found him.

Dog fighting and animal abuse and neglect are not  those societal problems that "don't happen here." This is happening right HERE, in OUR community, and it needs to STOP. I ask that you take a few minutes to look at the photos below, and at the video. This is the ugly truth. This is real, and it will not go away by turning a blind eye. This dog, and all of the others like him need our help. Please, if you have ANY information on who may have done this, PLEASE contact the Humane Society of Henderson County at 270-826-8966 or You DO NOT have to give your name. You can simply give them any anonymous information that you have.  The Humane Society plans to prosecute to the fullest extent possible those who are responsible for this...

WARNING: Graphic Photos

The good news is that he WAS found, and is now being cared for and looked after. He is eating and drinking, and I know that the Humane Society of Henderson County will do everything in their power to show him that not all humans are cruel and heartless. Please, I cannot stress this enough. If you know anything about this dog, or any other cases of dog fighting and abuse, please contact your local animal control. This will not go away on it's own.