Another winter storm has come and gone (this is like our fourth, right?), and left Evansville under a nice sheet of ice and snow which always makes driving difficult. But was it as bad as predicted?

Despite the advanced warning of the storm, road crews weren't able to pre-treat the roads due to the rain we had received a couple of days before, meaning, in theory, that as the snow and sleet fell there would be no salt on the road to prevent it from sticking immediately. As I sat in the studio for my Tuesday air shift, I read several reports from Evansville Watch on Facebook that told of slide offs, accidents, and jackknifed semi's, all due to the slick road conditions.

The forecast called for temperatures to fall well below freezing overnight into Wednesday, so even if I made it home OK, there was a chance the drive back into the station the following morning would be worse. I decided to compare the two by mounting my phone to the dashboard of my truck and filming both trips. The end result is below.

Before you watch, know that my video editing skills are lacking (to put it mildly) so there will be some noticeable edits as I cut a few things out that didn't affect the end result.


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