Oh Brad! Oh Janet! Grab your corsets & your garter belts and get ready to Time Warp with The Rocky Horror Picture Show at The Centre Exhibit Hall this Friday night.


One of my all time favorite movies, The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a classic - it's a comedy. It's a musical. It's a blast! It is also being shown at The Centre Exhibit Hall this Friday night as a fully interactive show. That means that you'll need your props - rice, rubber gloves, confetti, toilet paper, toast, newspaper, squirt gun, & cards - but don't worry, you can get all of your supplies by purchasing a "survival kit" or you can bring your own.

If you plan to dress up, it's all about having fun! You can be Magenta, Columbia, Dr Frankenfurter, or any of the other dynamically unique characters - Check out Melissa Awesome's DIY costume! Really you are only limited by your own imagination. If you're ready to pick up some tickets, they're $6 in advance & $8 at the door the night of the show - Get Ticket Info Here!

If you need to brush up on your Time Warp skills, take a look at a clip from the movie!


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