The Kardashians are known, in part, for their bizarrely close relationships with each other. But outlier Rob Kardashian made things super weird recently when he publicly admitted to having a childhood crush on his sister, Kim.

As part of the promo for his reality show Rob & Chyna, Rob sat down with his pregnant fiancee Blac Chyna to talk about their first celebrity crushes. Things begin as normal, with Chyna admitting to her long-ago love for Ricky Martin. She then reveals Jennifer Lopez as Rob's childhood crush, which he agrees "is pretty accurate."

But then Chyna also name drops Kim as one of Rob's childhood crushes, to which he responds, "That is also pretty accurate."

There is, sadly, zero followup to this response -- so we'll forever have to imagine the context for ourselves -- but the moment has at least been immortalized on camera. Check it out below, via E!

The clip is lighthearted, but TMZ reports things are currently tense between Rob and Chyna, who have allegedly been at odds for months, leading to a major misunderstanding between the sock designer and his family.

Rob reportedly attended a baby shower thrown for him by his sisters, but he later found out Chyna was not invited. Rob took this as a slight against his fiancee, and retaliated by posting sister Kylie Jenner’s phone number to Twitter earlier this week (September 27).

But TMZ reports it was simply a misunderstanding and that the Kardashians had planned two separate showers all along — one for Rob and one for Chyna, who apparently agreed to the idea because of the state of the couple's relationship.

In any case, Kylie's had her phone number disconnected, and it won't be back in circulation for a year, according to TMZ.

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