E! released a new, longer trailer for Rob & Chyna, the latest arm of the Kardashian reality show empire, on September 1. The show follows Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian's road to parenthood and (currently postponed) marriage, a road that's far from bump-free. The two argue, receive counsel from family members, and share some genuinely sweet moments.

"The whole arguing, it's too much," Rob tells Scott Disick, estranged partner to Rob's sister Kourtney. "She's too hot and I'm too hot."

When Rob tells Scott that he and Chyna are "just two different people," Scott muses, "I don't even know that you know exactly who you are." Who'd have thought hard-partying Disick would be a fount of The Dude-like poolside wisdom?

Kim Kardashian also weighs in with her concerns over how the couple will handle a resurgence of Rob's depression, which contributed to his weight gain and evidently resulted in a four-year housebound period that Disick likens to "jail."

"Depression is a serious issue," Kim says, not incorrectly. "What's gonna happen when this baby is born?" Chyna seems concerned as well, asking Rob about his triggers and what she can do to help.

The preview also includes special moments including Blac Chyna's tongue piercing journey, a trip to the strip club "where it all started" and adorable footage of King Cairo, Chyna's son with Tyga. It also features an argument in which Rob seems unable to comprehend why Blac Chyna/anyone would object to him rifling through their phone (ROB. NUH UH).

Watch the new trailer below to see more, including what Rob Kardashian looks like without his hat in 2016 and a downright mesmerizing Blac Chyna ass clap. Rob & Chyna premieres Sunday, September 11 at 9/8c on E!.


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