The Evansville Christian Life Center and the stations of Townsquare Media invite you to "Rise Up and Run!"  So put on the running/walking shoes and get ready to raise money for the Circles® initiative at the ECLC.  Here's what you need to know about "Rise Up and Run!"

"Rise Up and Run" is a special event of the 30 Days of Poverty Awareness Campaign, which the Evansville Christian Life Center is promoting.  It takes place on Saturday morning, April 19 at Crossroads Christian Church and offers a 1 mile prayer walk, as well as a 5K and a 10K run.  So gather as many of your family, friends, church members and anyone else and take action against poverty!

What is Circles®?  Its goal is to help people live their lives with emotional and financial stability, and ultimately eliminate poverty in our community.  A wonderful goal, wouldn't you say?

Find out more and get registered to you can be part of the poverty solution with the Evansville Christian Life Center!

(Evansville Christian Life Center)