The Tri-State has no shortage of fast food and fine dining facilities but if there was ONE restaurant you could bring to the area, what would it be? I would LOVE to see a BOSTON MARKET open up here in the Tri-State, especially in Evansville!

The first time I ever tried Boston Markets rotisserie chicken I was a freshman in high school. The students at my school were allowed to leave campus for lunch and one had just opened up down the street from the school. One of my best buds suggested that we go and give it a try.

I had seen their commercials on TV before but it was always on a nation wide channel like NBC or something that always advertised stuff that wasn't sold in our area. I couldn't wait to see if the food was as good as they said. From the first bite into the surprisingly crispy skin, I was hooked! Not only was the skin dark and crispy, but the meat was the juiciest I had ever tasted.

Boston Market was also the first Chicken restaurant that I had ever been to that sold CORN BREAD instead of slices of bread or hard rolls. Usually only the soul food restaurants in the area sold it. I even had Thanksgiving dinner catered from Boston Market one year and I was tempted to lie and say I had cooked it but I knew no one would have every believed it!

If you could bring ONE restaurant to the Tri-State/Evansville area, what would it be? Leave you answers in the comment box!

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