R&B Veteran R. Kelly may be facing new charges from a recently discovered sex tape showing him having sex with a different underaged girl. The VHS tape containing the video was received by the District Attorney in Chicago from an ANONYMOUS source.

According to CNN, the video showed graphic sexual acts between what appears to be R. Kelly and a young teenage girl that were similar in nature to those on the first tape that currently has R. Kelly in hot water now. In the video the girl repeatedly states that her genitalia was only 14 years which is what has authorities concerned. The actually identity and age of the girl has not been determined yet.

Investigators are currently searching for the young lady in the video but as of yet have no leads. R. Kelly denies that it is him in this video as well. The R&B hit maker has apparently been DROPPED by RCA Records since the backlash from the 'Surviving R. Kelly' interviews.

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