Life sometimes puts us in situations where we must decide whether or not we are willing to help others. I'm not talking about which non-profit organization you will choose to volunteer your time with or which charity you choose to support financially. I'm talking about those moments that happen when you must make a split-second decision about whether or not you want to get involved and help someone in need.

In those moments, we are faced with the decision to ignore or help. I believe some of us are born with a need to help others. I have also met people who are very kind, but would turn away from a situation they feel is none of their business.

If you heard someone scream, would you rush to help them, even if it might put your own life in danger? Are you a rescuer, a call to others to help for help, or someone who ignores the drama because you don't want to get involved? There is no wrong answer really. It's just levels of how far, if at all, you are willing to go to help someone who is in a possible crisis.

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For a Princeton, IN, couple, the choice was easy. In fact, to them, there was no choice to make. They heard screams around 3 am, down the hall of their hotel, and they rushed to help a young woman who was being held at gunpoint by her boyfriend.

Jeff Minnis shared the incident on Facebook earlier this week.

Jeff is the father of a former student of mine and a former Reserve Deputy Sheriff for Gibson County. You may have also seen Jeff wearing a line green furry suit and being rather Grinch-like during the holidays. He is a great man who loves making others happy and helping them whenever he can.

Standing by his side is his wife, Lynn. I reached out to her to give me more details about this scary situation and how it unfolded. Here is what she said,

I woke up at 3 am hearing screams from somewhere in the hotel, I woke my husband Jeff up and told him someone was in trouble and we needed to see if we could help. I got to the door first and banged on it yelling for them to open up, it must have distracted him enough that she was able to get the door open by the time my husband and another guest had gotten to the door and took over. This young girl was being held in the men’s bathroom at gunpoint by her 20-year-old boyfriend. He had clearly been abusing her she was shaken and clothing was half off from the struggle.

It could have ended so much differently but thankfully it didn’t, my husband and the other guest kept him contained until the police arrived and I sat with the girl to try and comfort and calm her.

The hotel was pretty full and we were the only 2 guests to come to help, I just want to say to the public please don’t just turn your head and not try to help if you think there is something wrong, this situation could have ended so much worse and it does happen way to often because people don’t want to get involved, domestic violence is horrible and there are so many options in the communities that are there to help if more women (and even men) were aware it could make a huge difference. In Evansville there is Ruth’s House, Albion Fellows, Hollys House to name a few, I would just like to get the word out, and if this story helps one person that’s all I could ask.

Many of us feel that Jeff and Lynn are heroes, and they definitely were to that young woman they helped seek safety. But to them, it's just what you are supposed to do.

Domestic violence is a terrifying experience for the victim. So many times, the victim feels like there is no help and they can't escape their abuser. Sadly, the results can be deadly.

If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, is a victim of domestic violence or sexual abuse, there is help. Contact Albian Fellows Bacon Center at (800) 339-7752. Or, Holly's House at (812) 437-7233.


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