Guess the date you think we will see snow in the Tri-State!

I want to play a game...

Well, in case you haven't realized, Fall is quickly approaching. Some people (myself included) have already started decorating for Halloween. Although the summer months are full of sunshine and pool days, people seem to love Fall weather.

Shortly after Fall comes the dreadful winter. The snow, the cold, the hassle (sighs). I think it's safe to say winter is the most dreaded season (although snow is pretty beautiful). So, to boost your spirits a tad, I'd like to make a game out of the approaching winter and make people actually look forward to some chilly weather.

So, I'm giving away a YETI. Cool, right?

All you have to do is guess when you think we will see snow for the first time. Guess a date and whoever is closest to the correct date without going over, wins a YETI tumbler or colster (your choice)! It's that easy!

Sure, the first snowfall might be months away, but let's be honest...this is Indiana (and Kentucky and Illinois)...so you honestly never know. Amiright?

Enter the date below and BOOM, you could win a YETI.

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