Traditional four-year universities are certainly one way to further education and gain experience once high school is over, but they are by no means the only way! Here are some local alternatives to consider.



Apprenticeship programs allow individuals a more direct path to a career than a standard four-year degree might, with an emphasis for on-the-job training. They allow individuals to get paid while learning through their training and to be credentialed for career advancement and these can be offered through an employer or program sponsor. gives a glimpse at the possibilities with a job finder and a direct search for what options are available locally.

But what if someone is interested in an apprenticeship but not sure exactly where to go from there? That's where a local career center comes in, where they can help navigate through all sorts of different options available to those needing more assistance.


Kentucky Career Center
WorkOne Southwest Evansville

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By definition, volunteer work is non-paid. However, the experience one can gain from this type of work can be invaluable and offer a glimpse into the type of career someone might want to pursue while also developing important skills. It is also incredibly rewarding and community-driven.

Henderson, KY Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteer Owensboro is also a great resource to find information about your local area needs.

Vocational Training

Vocational training offers a more traditional classroom setting for prospective career finders but with a distinct focus on a desired career. Because this type of education focuses heavily on a specific career, which means learning a unique set of skills, students may not be required to take general education courses that are needed for many four-year degrees, but it will depend on the program. Some local vocational training offered a range from CDL training to Air Conditioning Technology.

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