A church in Texas was recently attacked by a gunman but was eventually stopped by armed parishioners. Many are suggesting that it could have been a lot worse if those members hadn't been armed, but aren't places of worship traditionally weapon free? Although we ARE talking about Texas. My question is, would YOU attend a place of worship that allowed weapons inside?

Now I've never been a very religious person. I might go to church with the family on Easter and maybe Christmas. But if I walked up to the door of a church and was greeted by ARMED GUARDS instead Ushers or Deacons, best believe I'm going to another church.

To me, the church is supposed to be one of the most PEACEFUL places on the planet, right next to the bathroom! I also know church shootings are NOT anything new! But placing ARMED GUARDS, or allowing member to bring weapons into places of worship kinda takes away from the peace. Same goes for the idea of arming Teachers! If they start allowing stressed out, under-paid, over-worked educators to carry weapons, my kids would be HOME SCHOOLED from then on!

Would YOU attend a church that allowed or encouraged people to bring firearms? Leave your answers in the comment box!


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