Unless you've been on the moon plotting world domination, the news that Manning has been signed to the Broncos has reached your ears! Now the question remains, Should Denver Keep BOTH Manning and Tebow or put Tebow on the chopping block!

I think if it's at ALL possible, Denver SHOULD keep both Manning AND Tebow! What kind of CRAZY one-two combo would THAT be! People keep talking to me like Denver HAS to make a choice because somehow they wouldn't be able to pay both players.

BOLOGNA! I call shenanigans! Manning has about 2 maybe 3 good years left in him, ASSUMING Denver's O-line holds up better than the Colt's did. But with all that scrambling around Tebow did last season, I see another bone-jarring, concussion or neck injury and possibly more time off...then who are you left with if Tebow's not there, ADAM WEBER?

Let me know what you think in the POLL...

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