This story is incredibly sad to me.  Full disclosure: I've been friends with Cameron West for several years on social media.  Over the weekend, one of her Facebook and Twitter posts went viral and even was the subject of a news story on WEHT/Eyewitness News which can be seen HERE. 


While a purse-snatching is probably a somewhat routine occurrence for any city, the CONTENTS of the purse are what make this story particularly devastating.


Without going into too much detail, even though she and I have never met, I could tell from social media that Cameron has experienced a LOT in her lifetime.  She's had to go through tremendous amounts of loss despite being so young.  She lost her father at a very young age, which I could immediately relate to.  She also lost her mother in 2014 and had to bury her best friend just this past week.  Despite having many reasons not to be, Cameron always remained very optimistic, happy, and positive in her social media interactions.


This weekend Cameron went to Showplace Cinemas' North location here in Evansville.  She left her Michael Kors purse in her car, which some piece of garbage broke into on Saturday night.  After breaking her window, the thief stole her purse.  The purse itself was very expensive, valued at $350.  It contained a little bit of cash, Cameron's medication, and other odds and ends.  It also contained one more item that makes this story especially heartbreaking:


Inside the purse was a voice box, one from a Build-a-Bear that Cameron's mother built for her shortly before she passed away four years ago.  The device contains a recording of Cameron's mother telling her daughter that she loves her.  Cameron says it is the only recording she has of her mother's voice.


Cameron claims that all she really wants is that voice box back.  It's also being reported that she will not even press charges if the voice box is returned.  Anybody who sees the purse pictures should contact Evansville Police.  I don't know much about purses, but this particular purse was purchased in Nashville, and the chances of there being even a second one in Evansville are very unlikely.


If you feel inclined, please share this story so we can help Cameron retrieve this memory of her lost mother.


Cameron West
Cameron West

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