Back in December 2019, it was announced that Showplace Cinemas South was on the market. Less than a year later, in October 2020, the building was purchased and promptly closed down by the new owners. Like so many other businesses, movie theaters especially, Showplace South became another casualty of the coronavirus pandemic. Here we are, another year later, and we're learning what the plan is for that iconic building on Evansville's southeast side.

Evansville 411 News shared a Facebook post that says, "According to the Site Review Committee meeting agenda for Monday, November 22nd, the former cinema is proposed to be converted into apartments." The new owners, Hebron Plaza LLC, are no strangers to the housing business - they already own the Carousel Court Apartments complex, as well as other businesses around Evansville.

At this point, that's all we know - keep in mind this is just the proposed plan - but I know this is a story that folks will want to follow. Showplace Cinemas has been providing entertainment for movie-goers since 1985, and those theaters hold a special place in people's hearts. I remember going to Showplace South with a group of buddies to see Swingers way back in 1996. I don't know why that particular movie stands out in my brain, but it's there nonetheless.

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You might be wondering why the new owners are not using the building as another movie theater. Kinda seems like an obvious choice, right? Well, there was apparently a stipulation when the building was purchased that it couldn't be used as a movie theater.

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