While it's been 17 years since the horrific day in our nations history, one Henderson, KY fire department is reminded daily when walking into work. 

The Starlite Fire Department in Henderson, KY has a piece of the World Trade Center's Tower 2. The piece of steel hangs between two "towers" out front of the department. Firefighters as well as anyone entering the station are greeted by the memorial complete with our nations flag behind it.

Photo Cred: Emily Fehn

We all have various stories on where we were that day. It seems no matter where you were we all have a story to tell and how it impacted us. Seeing our community have a piece of this dark day, reminds us to be thankful for where we are in life and realize we have come out on the other end of that horrific day. In honor of 9/11, many local businesses give back to our first responders as a thank you because while we take so much for granted, we often forget what they do to keep us safe.

If you ever want to check out the World Trade Center memorial at Starlite Fire Department in Henderson, KY. Make a trip over, I am sure they won't mind!