How do you make the most relaxed man to ever live more laid back? You make him a slow jam.

Up until his death in 1995, Bob Ross hosted the PBS show, The Joy of Painting. Over the course of 30 minutes, he would transform a blank canvas into a pretty impressive piece of art, focusing mostly on painting landscapes such as mountain ranges, beaches, and forests.

With his trademark white dude 'fro and chill demeanor, Ross would not only paint the picture, he would teach the viewer how they could do it at home. Like a cooking show, only he didn't cook, he painted. He always spoke in a soft, relaxed tone reminding the viewer that "everyday is a good day when you paint" and that if you screwed up, it was OK. He called them "happy accidents". What he's probably most well known for is the term, "happy trees", which is basically what he called every tree he painted on a canvas.

Every once in awhile if I'm up really late for whatever reason (usually because I managed to sleep in on a Saturday or Sunday morning), I'll catch an old rerun of the show on Channel 9 here in Evansville. The combination of the tone of his voice and watching him create mountains and trees with a few simple brushstrokes is mesmerizing.

Now thanks to PBS Digital Studios, Mr. Ross is making a comeback in the form of an R&B remix called "Happy Little Clouds". If you've had a rough day, this should cure it.